A 4 year old completed his BUCKET LIST? Beautiful and Meaningful story!

cancercrossDec 17 2013, 1,115 views

WOW. Here is another incredible and emotional video - a BEAUTIFUL TESTAMENT TO LIFE - from the same team that did the viral video, "First World Problems!" We see a beautiful, sweet a young African boy, Nkaitole, who has a 1 in 5 chance of reaching his 5th birthday because of unsafe drinking water, live his imagined "bucket list" - courtesy of "Water is Life" and DDB-NY. 

The mission of "Water is Life" is about SAVING LIVES and TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES. Everyone on the planet needs clean water. And the inspiring ad agency DDB-NY supports their vision, with this touching film which brings home the preciousness of life, and the imperilment to humans around the world because of toxic water.

Everyone Matters!

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And a shout-out to the amazing Matt Eastwood at DDB who spearheaded the projects!


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