Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation

Cats were domesticated a very long time ago and these cute creatures have been around us ever since. It seems that being around us so much, cats have picked up more human traits than we realize. Cats use treadmills to exercise, open doors, stand like humans and more. Check out this compilation of funny cats behaving like people. Soundtrack: "Mr Pink" from Youtube free soundtracks CREDITS (in order of appearance): 1. Cats Standing and Walking on Two Legs: 2. cat sits on bicycle: 3. Cat Eating from a Fork: 4. My Cat Acting Human: 5. Cat sitting and watching tv !: 6. Tom Cat Funny Work Out on Treadmill: 7. Hugging Cat: 8. Cat Pushing Cart: 9. Amazing Cats opening doors (7 times 2 cats): 10. ダンディズム: 11. Standing Cat - Mon chat se tient debout tout seul: 12. Another sad cat: 13. Кот пожимает руку. Cat shakes hands: Extra Tags: "animals behaving like humans, animals acting like humans, animals behaving like people, animals acting like people, cat walks on two legs,cat standing on two legs, hind legs, cat relaxing, relaxing cat, cat using treadmill, treadmill, cat and treadmill, treadmill and cat, cat using fork, fork, cat rides bike, cat giving handshakes, cat tricks, tricks cat, funny cat videos, supercut, compilation, hd, animals and pets, pets and animals, pets"