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CHRISTIAN KIDS' TV, KIDS PLAYING WITH A TRAIN SET, sisters playing nicely together.

Christian kids' TV, Kids playing together nicely, playing with cards and a wooden trainset. Christian kids' music and worship music. Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew features a regular slot with three little girls, the Creation Crew Kids. Today, they are playing with toys and games including a wooden train set, to show how well they can play together if they all understand the game! Every episode of the fab new British Christian kids' TV show features Christian stories, Bible studies for kids, Christian kids' songs and worship, adventure time with the Creation Crew kids as well as an arts and crafts slot. Not to mention all the hilarious fun Mr Bon-Hovis gets up to in the house with the puppet characters.

It's nice to see children cooperating and playing nicely together. Of course, it's not really like this all the time in the house! That's the beauty of 'editing'...


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