Dancing With An iPod in Public,Have you ever try this to celebrate Christmas?

This might be the most unique way to celebrate Christmas!

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You know what they say! The best way to spread Christmas glee, is by dancing in public for all to see!

It's that special time of year again! Santa's elves are hard at work, Rudolph and the gang are prepping for flight, and I am hard at work making sure every boy, girl, and disgruntled shopper get their Holiday shopping disrupted by a man dancing in a Tacky Christmas Sweater. 

Myself and a team of misfits took to the malls of Green Hills and Cool Springs in Nashville, TN in order to film the latest edition of "Dancing With An iPod in Public". After a quick 3 hour hit-and-run style shoot through these shopping centers on November 27th, 2011, this is the result of our efforts!

Hopefully this video will put you in the Christmas spirit and make you want to get up and dance along!

Happy Holidays!


Special Thanks to:
Jon Forisha - Videographer
Brit Naylor - Stunt/Fashion/Security Coordinator