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irishwords4JesusAug 5 2013,

Christian Rap explains some good theories for non believer's.
lyrics -
from the highest mountains to the deepest valley's/
God's creation keeps me happy/
feet be dancing like an apache chief, or happy feet/
breathing righteousness, seeking Christ who lit the galaxies/ Maker of the great whales and manitee's/
massive beast's who's safe haven is the fathoms deep/
Holy Christian/ a bone to pick with those dismissing the wonders of the solar system/
and how earth is gifted/ perfect distance from it's parent star to serve our fitness/

being Godless takes share persistence/ why isn't the earth maliciously teared to bits ? it's the ozone's protection which shares assistance/
man is self curing, and can use herb upliftings/
plus the food we eat grows here sharing various vitamins/
God gave knowledge to His prophets/ Job was the first to say earth was a Sphere, and not appearing discus.

saying "it all happened by chance".. whats ur Next offence ?, Creation alone is evident of His Excellence/
u should be thankful for every breathe u've spent/
and how blessed u've been to be even let begin.

Godless minds, the book of Job is 3, 500 yrs old and it holds knowledge finds of modern science/
the prophet scribe mentions pleiades, Arcturus and tells us it's God that binds the bands of orion/
only with hubble did we discover what He's prophesying/
proves men got inspired/

and God's Spirit authorized it/ if u have doubts about who Authored Bible's/
just go to Ecclesiastes were it describes the Water Cycle/

now to prophecy and the new world order rising/ revelation 13's prediction is soon to mortify men/ fema camps in america just proves the Lord was right when He had John of patmos record His voice then/

or what about the rebirth of Israel as an independent nation ?
Isaiah 66:8, ring's a bell and bring's a revelation/

the apostles heed the prophecies, they said have u any Lord ?
He gave Mathew 24, final signs before we drink the desolation.

preaching is Paul Begley.

God Bless :).


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