Extremely Funny Prank in Brazil

Extremely scary woman without reflection in the mirror prank in Brazil
New viral video in Brazil !!






Person:It doesn´t a mirror. What happen ? 
Person:a mirror.To use lipstick.
actress:It´s true. You´re not appearing. Switch sides with me. Come here.
Person:Even so I don´t appear ! 
Actress 2:Bye.
Actress:ah ? That girl appeared. Why do not you appear? Look. Put a hand in the wall here. My hand reflects. 
Person:Your hand reflects. Mine not.
Actress:I´m not understanding what is going on !
reflection: I don´t go use this lipstick. I didn´t like the color! 
actress: No? do you think it matches? 
Actress:you... come here ! 
Reflection:Lady! . . . 
Actress: Hi. Can I do a question ? 
Person:You do. 
actress: why aren´t you appearing in the mirror ? 
Person:How do you appear and I don´t ? It is haunted.
eh! ? Does She appear? people, what is it ??! . . .
Actress: Put a hand.Look My hand. 
Person:Strange! Is not it? 
actress: yes.
Person:Let me see. She appears. It´s strange. I don´t appear in mirror. Look it.
actress:bye! Didn´t you die, did you ?!
Person:I did´nt pay attention. 
actress: don´t you know if you died ??!! 
Person:It´s strange, isn´t it ? 
Reflection: I don´t go use this lipstick !
Actress: No? do you think it is ugly? 
reflection: I don´t go use. I go there. I come back soon.
Actress: you are back. 
Person:ah No ! I am scared! I don´t clean this bathroom!
Actress:Lady , and your reflection?? 
Person:ah !Now I am scared! . . . 
Person: I am not understanding ! 
Actress: My god ! How can It happen?? Did It happen with you before?? 
Person:No! But are you seeing yourself ? 
Silvio santos : It´s very good ! 
actress: In the mirror, I am not seeing you.
Person:hi? Girl, there inside , do it has a mirror ?
Actress 2: No. 
Person:can you see yourself too ? Are you seeing me ... in the mirror? 
Actress 2 : No. 
Person:Oh my Lord! It´s me.Something wrong with me . . . 
Actress 1: Why don´t you appear in the mirror ?? 
Person: I don´t know ! Let me stay in this place. I don´t know if it´s a mirror!
Actress: I would like to know how you do it!
Person:But I didn´t. Nothing Are you scared? 
Actress: It´s very strange ! 
Person:hm ... really strange.
actress:Bye. I am not understanding what is happening. 
Person:Me too. 
Reflection: I don´t go use this lipstick ! 
Actress: Do you like it ? 
Person:Are you crazy ??! What is it rightthere ??! 
Actress:be cool this color ? Don´t you agree it is good for me ? 
Person:ah! girl, stop it !
Reflection: I don´t go use it. 
actress: I want to use.
Reflection: I´m going. Bye!