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Fine tuning: scientific evidence of God, or pointer to a multiverse?

FocusAug 5 2013, 96 views

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Recent scientific discoveries show the universe is just right for us. Is this cosmic fine tuning new evidence for God, or does it point to a multiverse? Richard Dawkins says that God is a delusion. Yet the universe we live in is remarkably finely adjusted to make our lives possible. Is this because it has been designed for us, or are there a huge number of universes, and one of them is bound to be right? God or the multiverse? The fifth in a series of six videos exploring how the fine-tuning of the universe points to the reality of the Creator. This programme explores two alternative explanations of cosmic fine-tuning: God or the multiverse. Featuring John Polkinghorne, David Wilkinson, Rodney Holder, Peter Williams and Graham Swinerd


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