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I Still Love You | 我依然爱你 | Aku Masih Mencintaimu
UPDATE: Thank you Singapore!
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Sometimes, it is not easy to love: whether a person, a place, or even a country. What does it take to love? Do we love only when things are perfect? Or even when things go wrong.

"I Still Love You" is a creative collaboration between Monster Cloud Films, Blotch Studios, Richopus Music, Galvin Sng, and many others... involving a cast and crew of more than 70 people, and featuring the heartlands of Singapore. This is Singapore, as we know it. This is our song for Singapore, the place where we belong.

Happy National Day, Singapore!
P.S: I Still Love You


They say you're cramped
No place to stand
The queue's so long
And things go wrong
They say you've changed
No more the same
You are not okay

I say it's true
Yet I still love you
I know you're pressed
Sometimes a mess
But deep inside my heart
You're still the same

I still love you, love the way you make me smile
I love you even when you're out of style
I still love you, loved you for the longest while
My love for you will never grow out of style

Open our eyes
Take a look around
Open our hearts
There's joy to be found
In the little things
And the smile that brings
You're still okay

Our families
And the friends we meet
The ties that bind
Make our roots so deep
And right inside my heart
You're still my home

I still love you, love the way you make me smile
I love you even when you're out of style
I still love you, loved you for the longest while
My love for you will never grow out of style

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Galvin Sng (the composer)

Monster Cloud Films

Blotch Studios

Richopus Music- A Music Production Dept of Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd /

Dear fellow Singaporeans, we, the producers, have been humbled by the identification that a lot of you have toward the song and the video, and we're really thankful that many of you enjoyed it! :)

We've been following the comments (on and off screen) that a number of people have given regarding the lack of Malay representation in the project, and we would like to provide the following as a response, by no means a justification, but a clarification, because we love our Malay friends, and we also feel that they deserve one as fellow citizens and as her indigenous people.

The casting for the music video was done with the major representational races in mind, which definitely included the Malays. In fact, the plan was to have a Malay lead singer alongside our two Chinese and one Indian singers. However, due to the tight (and conflicting) schedules, we were unable to find anyone suitable amongst our personal contacts to be the Malay singer.

Even in the midst of filming, we took every opportunity to seek for on-the-spot cameos from all races, including the Malays, but we were mostly declined. Perhaps we should have tried harder.

Our hearts are heavy as we sense and hear from our Malay Singaporean friends, that as much as some may have enjoyed the song and video, they have expressed disappointment that they've not seen any Malay representation, in the cast or crew. On behalf of everyone in the production team, we would like to express our sincerest apologies, and we want to assure you, our fellow Malay countrymen and women, that you've not been intentionally left out of the project. This project has been done with all Singaporeans in mind, and we will definitely keep this in mind if ever we get together as this bunch again to do something similar in the future... this we promise! :)

Once again, our sincerest apologies if we have unintentionally upset or hurt you... and hope that you'll still find the song and video as a relevant Singaporean representation of the feeling that we have for our country.

And last but not least, we would also like to clarify that this is a private project done by a group of Singaporean friends in our 20's to 40's, simply to express our love for our country. It is entirely self-funded by the various producers, and is not related or tied to any institutions nor government organisations.


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