Mother faces her son's murderer and forgives him

cancercrossDec 3 2013, 567 views

Touching...Brasilian christian mother faces her son's murderer and tells him that she forgive him and she'll pray for him.


"Look at me .. You 're forgiven in Jesus' name . I am Christian and I am forgiving you and I will continue praying for you, Allison . I will never visit you in jail because I have not the courage to go there. Look at me ( she holds his face ) ... but I'll be praying . Someday you will find this God I serve and you will serve Him as well. I do not hate you , Allison . I waited all this year for being here and say it for you . When they told me you killed my son I did not believe it and prayed for you . I am sorry for you because you killed another person . ... Look at me ( she holds his face ) ... I need to look at you because you killed my son and I could not see him for the last time . You do know Daniel ( her son ) was not a bad boy . You do know how Daniel was good person,working man .. But I'm here and I will continue praying for you .(She prays) My Lord, accompanies Allison wherever he is .. . Please do not leave him alone, my Lord .Please, touch his soul , my Lord as you touched mine , my Lord . God gives comfort to his mother because she is suffering as much as I am . I thank you my Lord . Amen!"


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