Soldier Dies-Little Brother,Sister,Mother,Dad Sing/Beach Boys,Dylan Reference

KEVIN LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: PRODUCER, LYRICS, MUSIC, VOCALS, RHYTHM GUITAR. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. SO Sorry, put ads on this video, something I've never done.. My Kind Audience, I've put this notice up before: not my brother or son, but influenced by my Father's and Older Brother's service.("Camaraderie Transcending Nationalities")LYRICS: LITTLE BROTHER Sings 1ST: Big Brother, My Brother,
I love you as no other,
For you are a hero to me.
And as I run unto your open arms,
Big Brother, You will always be...

Carry Me!
(Please carry me...)


Big Brother, My Brother,
Where has your shoulder gone?
The one you would bring to me 
and I would rest my head upon.
And I would tell you of the boys,
Those that stole my heart.
and you would brush the tears away from my eyes...,
and tell me-
"Love Does Never-Ever Die..."

Then why have you left me all alone?
Just me and Brian Wilson "In My Room,"
"In my room, 
In my room..."


We Love You,
We Miss You.
In our hearts we will always kiss you...
As your Soul Flies Clear and So Free.
And we will wait upon the Forever Sands of the Shore That waits Upon the Sea...


I remember when The Troubadour,
Would sing to us about "The Masters of War."
Well, I don't want to hear that song no more-
'til he sings to me...,

What'd my little boy die for?!
(What'd my little boy die for...?)

The TV Scoreboard up it came,
Mr. Newsman-If it's all the same,
Don't want no numbers for our little boys' names.

Gave me a number for my little boy's name!-His Name!
Some damn number, some damn number
for my little boy's name...

How I Love You!
Oh God, I miss You!

THE DAD Sings:

Sweet Little Darling Child of Mine,
When you were 2 or 3,
You went running to your Mama's side-
Cryin', "Mama, Oh Mama, I fell and I scraped my knee...!"

Oh,I remember, I remember, I remember,
You were 2 maybe 3...

Sweet Little Darling Boy of Mine,
Lying in Your Father's Arms...
Warmed by His Breast of Eternal Love...
He Will protect you.
He will protect you.

I could not protect you from all harms!

(Sweet Little Darlin' Boy of mIne...)


How we Love You,
Oh, We Miss You!
In our Hearts, in our hearts, in our hearts
We we always kiss You, 
As your soul, as your soul, as your soul,
Flies Clear and So Free...

And We Will Wait Upon The Forever Sands
of the Shore as it Waits Upon the Sea....

We Love You...
We Miss You...

We Love You...
We Miss You..

Kevin Lawrence O'Donnell:Producer, Lyrics, Music, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar./Chad Goodstein, Engineer, all other Instruments. Copyright 2009, One Mans Life Productions.